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Bhratri Dwitiya - A celebration of
brother and sister relationship

Bhratri Dwitiya (A celebration of brother and sister relationship)

Autumn is a season of festivals in the Bengali life. The festive mood starts with the celebration of Durga puja, followed by Lakshmi Puja and Kali puja. The weather is also favorable for the festival celebrations with the essence of "seuli" and with the waving of "Kash"(Seuli and kash are seasonal flowers). The spotless blue sky also sings the song of "Agomoni"(arrival). The family members are back to home from abroad and are united during the festival. It is the season of joy and happiness and affection. 

Bengalis celebrates several festivals to unite the family members to express love and affection to the family members. Bhratri Dwitiya or Bhai Phonta is one of such celebrations of Bengali custom where the sisters pray for the long life of the brothers by putting a “phonta” or “tika” in their forehead. This is a auspicious festival and the brothers and sisters look forward to this celebration year long. 

Durbar celebrates this festival and it is very significant in the life of sex workers. The sex workers who were treated as fallen women and were untouchables previously, have gained some recognition in the society slowly. It is now possible due to the ceaseless effort of the Sex workers who are fighting to gain their respect and recognition from the mainstream people in the society.

Like other year, this year also people from different walks of life, from intellectual to police personnel to politician are present in this celebration of “Bhai phonta”, organized by Durbar. They gladly accept phonta by their “sex worker” sisters who prayed for their long life. The sex workers sisters are really happy to be connected with the different part of the society through this ceremony. It is really a pleasure for them.

Economist Amlan Dutta, Actor and elocutionist Sati Nath Mukhopadhaya, Prefessor Sanjib Ghosh, Member of Parliament Sudhanshu Sil, Councilor Jibon Prakash Saha, Baidya Nath Saha Officer in Charge Baratala Police Station, Protim Chattopadhaya the Hon Minister in Charge of Fire Services. are among the brothers who accepted “phonta” by their sisters.

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