Durbar seeks to build a world where all marginalized communities live in an environment of respect, rights and dignity. Durbar hopes for a new social order where there is no discrimination by class, caste, gender or occupation and all individuals communities live in peace and harmony as global citizens.

The Durbar Mission

Durbar’s shared mission is to enhance a process of social and political change with an objective to establish, promote and strengthen the rights, dignity, social status, and improvement of the quality of life of all sex worker communities. Durbar wishes to integrate the sex workers movement with the broader global movement to establish rights of all marginalized communities in the globe through.

Improvement of image and self-esteem of marginalized communities

Influencing existing norms, policies and practices, operating at all levels in the society and out the nation state.

Empowering communities through a process of collectivisation and capacity building

Addressing power relations within the trade and outside

Building Formal and informal alliances with individuals, groups, institutions and movements.