A group of sex workers organizations and sex work support organizations committed to the cause of sex workers had come together to forge a network of sex workers named National Network of Sex workers (NNSW). The primary objective of the network was to articulate the voices of sex workers and let it be heard across the country. Over the years NNSW and its member organizations went through several campaigns / movements to raise their issues both at State and regional levels. The organization was formally registered as All India Network of Sex workers (AINSW).

The Structure and Functioning of AINSW

AINSW is a membership-based network of sex workers organization. Each member organization has equal rights and voting power. It is a federation of CBOs of sex workers who are engaged in promoting and protecting the rights of sex workers in addition to their engagement in HIV intervention program.AINSW follows standard democratic norms and practices for communication, participation and representation.The network coordinates activities at central level leaving member organizations free to develop and implement all kinds of programs based on their reach and ability within certain broad guiding principles. AINSW provides the necessary support primarily for national-level advocacy and network-building with its limited resource base.

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