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    • Since, DMSC came into existence in 1995, there was a felt need to develop a cultural wing of its own to express communities’ thoughts, emotions and connect to outer world. Komal Gandhar, the cultural wing emerged as a unique platform which in one hand helps exchange of ideas, thoughts across linguistics, religious and regional barriers to forge a common identity of sex workers across regions and countries.It addition to that Komal Gandhar has served as an instrument to communicate their issues and challenges to its bigger audience. It was formally registered in 1997.  Through the cultural wing the sex worker took steps to champion workers’ rights of sex workers and press the call for decriminalization of sex work, sex workers and sex work environment.
    • There are number of cultural troupes under Komal Gandhar i.e., dance, drama, Music Band, choir, mimes, among others. They have performed all over India as well as in abroad – receiving critical and popular acclaim. The cultural wing has also received number of praises and won prizes from various competition organized in India and abroad. Komal Gandhar has played an effective and very useful role in furthering sex workers’ movement.

Komol Gandhar and Durbar has succeeded in drawing a very wide range of volunteers which includes well known playwrights, singers and dancers to join the group’s activities. Renowned cultural artists has built the group’s capacity, lent credibility, facilitated access to mainstream performance venues and helped generate further public interest and publicised Komal Gandhar.

Komol  Gandhar develops its own scripts, plays and compose dances, based on sex workers’ experiences. Komal Gandhar received favourable reviews both at the national and international level not just as sex workers’ cultural wing but also based on their quality of performances.

Komal Gandhar has number of creative performances based on different themes – HIV prevention, social stigma, and gender inequality, the social construction of sex work, trafficking ,child marriage and so on and so forth. Most importantly Komal Gandhar has contributed in community mobilization and has helped for deeper understanding on structural and political barriers what enhances causes of sex workers and their family members 


  • The dance troupe of Komal Gandhar performed in the opening ceremony of the 12th World AIDS Conference held in Geneva, Switzerland (1998). Komal Gandhar secured their place competing other 72 troops representing different countries of the world.
  • Komal Gandhar performed in International Congress on AIDS in Asia Pacific in Bangkok and Kathmandu where they perform on Empowerment and Action.
  • Aside from West Bengal, Komal Gandhar has travelled to different states in India e.g. Kerala, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Komal Gandhar performed at the regional event organized by UNDP during the reception for the launch of their regional programme, ‘REACH – Beyond Borders’ (Regional Empowerment and Action to contain HIV/AIDS) held in Delhi, India. They also performed in the launch of ‘REACH Program’ in Nepal (2002)
  • Komal Gandhar also performed in the inaugural program organized by UNAIDS Country Office on ‘HIV/AIDS and Trafficking’, in Delhi.
  • Komal Gandhar participated in the Children’ Book Fair, Kolkata(2011) and won the First Prize in the Group Dance category
  • Komal Gandhar participated in the World Dance Festival, Kolkata during (2011 and 2015) organized by the West Bengal Dance Group Federation and West Bengal District Music Academy
  • Komal Gandhar performed both in the inaugural as well as in the closing ceremony of the International AIDS Conference Hub, Kolkata, 21-27 July, 2012, Kolkata
  • Durbar Band, was created in 2012, Since then they have been performing in the eastern region of India creating ripples among the audience
  • Komal Gandhar took part in the Sambhu Bhattacharaya Dance Festival, Kolkata, on 8-9 March 2013
  • Album named ‘Nijhum Rater Tarara’ sung by the children of sex workers has been released by Ms. Usha Uthup, a well-known singer (2014)
  • Komal Gandhar participated in a program named Nari Shakti organized by GOAL Project in 2016
  • Komal Gandhar also performed cultural program in the ICAAP held in Bangladesh in 2016
  • Komal Gandhar participated in the realty show ‘India’s Got Talent’ which was telecast by Hindi Colors Channel in 2018
  • Komal Gandhar took part in the ‘Ananya Samman’ of ZEE 24 Ghonta in 2019
  • Komal Gandhar took part in the ‘Agamoni’ organized by Doordarshan in 2021
  • Komal Gandhar took part in Durga (Mahishasur Mardini) organized at Indian Museum, directed by Dona Ganguly, in 2022 

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