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In the Memory of Professor Amlan Dutta

Professor Amlan Dutta - A photograph from "Bhai Phonta" ceremony - organized by DurbarFor us he was not a great thinker, even not a renowned academician, but he was our dearest "Dada"(elder brother) who used to be present on "Bhai Phonta"(a ceremony where sister makes a sandal mark on the forehead of the brother praying for his long life).Yes, he did dare to take "Bhai Phonta" from his "fallen sisters" in the public. Indian academicians or for that matter Bengali intelligentsia may lost one of its stalwarts but we lost a daring and caring brother who never falter to stand by the cause of the sex workers movement.

From the very inception of Durbar Professor Amlan Dutta was vocal demanding the rights and recognition for the sex workers. In his words "we cannot seclude and marginalize the sex workers while including their male counterparts within the society. Rather it would be better to give workers right to them providing proper health care."

He used to be present on every event organized by Durbar, even in the last one organized by Durbar on 22nd January he regretted that he might not be present in future for his age. Who knows that this would become a bitter truth for us as he left us on 18th February 2010.

We all are deeply mourned on his demise and will miss him forever. Let's hope one day the mainstream academicians could realize his contribution towards a society free of violence and gender inequality. To us he will remain "dear dada" forever.

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