Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee

Core Values 

Core Values are the most central and fundamental features of an organization. Every organization has Core Values, whether they have been explicitly defined or not, and they rarely change over time. Thus, if we want to find out what an organization is really all about, we should seek to know what its Core Values are, and the degree to which they are respected by staff in their work.

Following core values may be considered for Durbar.







We affirm the dignity, potential and contribution of participants, partners and staff.

Women and men, sex-worker and non sex-workers are equal, should have equal rights and should participate equally in society.

All Projects shall promote the empowerment & full participation of women in general and sex workers in particular in designing, planning & implementing project activities.

All staff shall have equal opportunities for career development and promotion based on their qualifications and experience. In order to achieve this, we shall proactively promote the development and recruitment of sex-workers.

Cultural, religious and gender diversity can be achieved only through the appreciation of and respect for such Diversity.

Project approaches shall equally value the perspectives & suggestions of all project participants regardless of their age, gender or power.

All projects, departments and committees shall strive for diversity and adequate representation.

People work best in a physically and emotionally secure environment, mistakes provide important learning opportunities.

All old and new projects shall promote full community participation.

All staff shall be free to express their opinions without threat of punishment or censure. Staff should be encouraged to learn from their mistakes. Mutual expectations should be clearly communicated.

Workplace behaviour:

Before making decisions that affect staff, provide each of them the opportunity to express their opinions.

Treat with courtesy and politeness our visitors, neighbours, and colleagues, especially those who drive and serve us in the workplace.

In meetings and group work, focus as carefully on what others have to say, as on your own ideas.


We affirm the right to self-determination of individual and community and more specifically the rights of sex-workers community.

We recognize that sex work is a work and the sex workers have every right to determine her life and profession. We also recognize that to establish the basic human, civil and occupational rights of sex workers the structures of existing power relations have to be altered. We are committed to carry out a process to empower sex workers at individual, community and at societal level.

Workplace behaviour

Before taking any decision think twice whether the action/s will help sex-workers to feel more capable and in control of situation.

Keep on questioning ‘Does our program in general and activities in particular influence the imbalance of the power equation within the sex trade and between the sex workers community and the main stream society’.

Examine before taking decision to what extent your actions could held society and state actions more responsible/accountable towards the marginal community and more specifically towards sex workers community.

Measure how this empowering process initiate positive changes at individual, community and at structural level.

Assess your program in terms of increasing relationship with people and other organisation?

Enquirer how does your work help increasing access of sex workers community to economic and other resources.


We act consistently with the mission of the organization, being honest and transparent in what we do and say, and accept responsibility for our collective and individual actions.

Honesty, integrity and Sincerity are the cornerstones for success of any individual or organisation.

All staff shall actively promote and cultivate Honesty, Integrity, Sincerity & Transparency in planning and implementing project activities with all project participants and partners.

The professional & personal conduct of all staff shall reflect their Honesty, Integrity, Sincerity and Transparency.

Workplace behaviour

Funds have been donated to the organisation; therefore treat them wit the same frugality that one would spend one's own income.

While dealing with individual and members of partner organisation ask whether I am upholding the fame and interest of my organisation?

When responsible for the custodianship of Project's assets, resources, materials, and equipment, always ask, "Am I doing the right thing?"


We work together effectively to serve the larger community.

Positive perceptions of capability and accountability are fundamental to commitment, self-esteem & ultimately success.

Project participants possess the knowledge and capability to identify and solve their own problems. Projects shall continue to facilitate this effort.

All staff shall take greater responsibility for the development and implementation of their own work plans Constructive feedback will promote accountability and capability.

Workplace behaviour

Be observant of the support needs of colleagues, and those living around us, ready to lend a voluntary hand when such needs arise.

Break down the "barriers" between and within sectors, programs, and projects, seeking the greater, collective good rather than individual recognition.


We constantly challenge ourselves to the highest levels of learning and performance to achieve greater impact.

Trust on peoples, knowledge and wisdom and create an interactive and sharing approach to development.

Organisation shall assist all staff in fulfilling their needs to enhance their performance level.

Experience and learning skills are interrelated, self-sustaining & fundamental to human development.

Organisation shall promote the experience and learning skills of all Project participants to ensure programme sustainability.

Organisation shall promote the experience and learning skills of all Project participants to ensure programme sustainability.

Everybody is responsible for the project's work place environment and sound management of resources.

All project planning and activities shall be empowering and enjoying.

All projects shall manage their resources cost effectively.

Workplace behaviour:

View each hour spent in the workplace as providing an opportunity to expand and deepen the quality of work.

Never be satisfied with simply meeting expectations; always try to exceed them significantly.

Recognize and reward innovation and responsible risk-taking by staff.

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