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The Friends of Durbar form was created for

Actively participating in changing public opinion and attitude regarding sex work and sex workers.

Strengthening the global effort to re-instate the self-esteem of marginalized communities in addition to the sex workers.

Changing the unjust and irrational usages, laws, and practices imposed against entertainment workers including sex workers.

Uniting sex workers and empowering them through skill-building in different fields of expertise.

Challenging power-relationships based primarily upon inequalities both within and outside the domain of entertainment workers including sex workers.

Building positive networks and relationships with individuals, communities, organizations and movements for larger political goal.

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After the First National Conference of Sex Workers (1997), Friends Of Durbar has gradually increased it's membership and expanded its horizons towards becoming a formalized international body.

Extending solidarity to Durbar and achieving socio-political goals apart, Friends Of Durbar could assist by -

Providing expertise, skills, medical and laboratory support.

Teaching and training sex workers and their children.

Volunteering assistance to Durbar in its programmes.

Raising funds for specific programmes and to achieve sustainability of its multiple activities.

The reason for formalizing Friends Of Durbar is to develop a strong bondage with friends, well wishers, and all those who advocate our cause and support movements of marginalized communities across the world.

Formalized membership.

More involvement in increasing sustainability of Durbar and its activities by raising funds both in India and abroad.

Build a resource base through its members that will strengthen sustainability to the organization and movement.

Plans to publish a Newsletter "Friends of Durbar: Voice and Vision" both in print and electronic media for wide dissemination

An e-forum for members to share views and opinions regarding strategies of our partnership building with broader socio goals

What Friends of Durbar offers:

An extensive update of Durbar's present and future programme for members.

Reports on ongoing programmes and critiques thereof.

Access to publications and IEC materials produced regularly by the organization and its various other activities involving other marginal communities in India.

Access to research and archival materials regarding the history of the sex workers movement in India collected, compiled and edited by sex workers.

Facilitate active engagement with Durbar programmes etc.

Current Activities

Sexual health ( STI/HIV) and other health care services and intervention programmes for sex workers and their clients.

Networking and advocacy among sex workers through HIV prevention and care programmes among 30 thousand sex workers in 49 sites in the state of West Bengal. This follows a focused intervention strategy and is based on a new programming principles called CLSI [Community led structural intervention] through building solidarity and addressing structural barriers.

Participatory and interactive educational programmes for sex workers and their children in Durbar run 17 non-formal schools for sex workers and 16 other non-formal schools for sex workers' children at different sites across West Bengal.

Promotion and propagation of cultural activities among sex workers and their children, following a socio-political agenda, and implemented through Komol Gandhar - the cultural wing of DMSC.

Vocational training for sex workers' children and retired sex workers including creating job opportunities.

Establishing Self-regulatory Boards in sex work sites to prevent trafficking and promote rights based intervention programmes.

Ensuring economic security through cooperative society run by and for sex workers. Durbar has developed self-banking system, which ensures that moneylenders cheat no sex worker.

Mamata Care and Treatment Centre (a VCTC) - a programme for HIV Positive Sex workers that provides them with weekly rations, counselling and treatment facilities.

Marginal community development programme: Durbar works with the Sabars, [A Pre-agriculture Tribal community] in Amlasole (West Midnapore) and Nachnis (untouchable women folk entertainment workers) in Purulia and adjoining areas, organizing them to fight for social justice and economic rights.

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