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Peer Educator Training Module
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Press Release of the Sex Workers Freedom Festival
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Concept Note on International Conference Hub, Kolkata, 2012
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A tour in American Universities

The Chief Advisor, Dr. Smarajit. Jana and the Secretary, Ms. Bharati Dey of Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee (DMSC), Kolkata, India will visit 3 American Universities. More..
Report on "National Consultation for unorganized Labour sector" New Delhi
Concept Note of National Consultation for unorganized sector New Delhi 2nd and 3rd March, 2011
Report of 1st State Convention of unorganized women labour in West Bengal
Charter of demands by the unorganized women labour of West Bengal
Press Releasefor the two months long program on women's movement- steered through DMSC

Concept Note for the two months long program on women's movement- steered through DMSC

We have planned to celebrate the centenary year of women liberation movement by organizing a two months long program (programme schedule) in collaboration with various women and civil society organization scheduled to start from 8th January 2011 and will continue till 8th March 2011. More..

Voting the Sex Workers

2010 was the year of election and the fever was palpable. DMSC conducted election for its branch and central committees with tenure of 2 years which started since 1997. This was 7th election of DMSC which was held in 48 branches. During this time sex workers voted enthusiastically to elect 4 office bears in each of these 48 branch committees. The election was declared in November 2009 and by march 2010 it was concluded with the formation of the central committee. Following 2 months campaign, the voting started on 13th of January 2010 and the last branch committee elected their representatives on 11th of February. 

There were fierce contest among the aspirant candidates in those branches. There were even cases of tie when we had to go for toss to select the final one. There was allegation of rigging and call of vote boycott. In each cases the independent election commission probed into all their complains/call and took immediate steps to resume peace and harmony. In few areas there were minor tussle among the supporters of candidates after the deceleration of result. However quick intervention from the administration of DMSC resolved those issues amicably.

In Basirhat and in Kalna some of the sex workers called for vote boycott. The issues for calling vote boycott were not directly related to organization, rather with the HIV intervention project. We could overcome it in Basirhat and in Kalna the disputes are yet to be settled. In Ghoradanga after the completion of the election it was turned out that one elected candidate stood in the election suppressing facts that goes against her candidature. Verifying all these facts the election commission declared the election of that branch committees as null and void and a fresh mandate was taken preceded with adequate preparation for the voting. After completion of the election of the Branch committees, the 2nd phase of election starts where the elected representatives from branch committees, elect their central committee office bearers. Any one of the 4 office bears from each branch committees are eligible to contest as well as to vote to elect 12 central committee members. The central committees finally took over office on 1st of May 2010. 

The secretary, President and Treasurers of DMSC who got elected to hold the DMSC office for the next two year are Bharati Dey as the Secretary, Sima Fokla as the President, Tapati Das as the Treasurer.

Advertisement for 3 monthsP.G. certificate course in Community Development

The Department of Anthropology, University of Calcutta invites  application for 3 months P.G. certificate course in Community Development (A joint CU-SRTI initiative), under Calcutta University Inter-Industrial Partnership. More..

In the Memory of Professor Amlan Dutta

For us he was not a great thinker, even not a renowned academician, but he was our dearest "Dada"(elder brother) who used to be present on "Bhai Phonta"(a ceremony where sister makes a sandal mark on the forehead of the brother praying for his long life). More..

USA visit of Dr. S. Jana (Principal - SRTI)

Dr. S. Jana, Principal of Sonagachi Research and Training Institute (SRTI), Kolkata, India and Chief Advisor of Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee (DMSC), Kolkata, India More..

Amra Padatik: An Inovative Initiative

'Amara Padatik' an organization of children of sex workers has organized a three days program at Abinash Kaviraj Street of Sonagachi on dated 5th October to 7th October 2009 More..

National Network of Sex Workers Consultative Meeting

Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee has successfully organized a two days consultative meeting at Baruipur, Kolkata on dated 1st and 2nd October 2009 More..

Summary of International sex workers Day celebration - International Sex workers Day

International Sex workers Day was celebrated by Durbar Mahila Samanwaya committee from 27th February till 3rd of March 2009 at Kolkata, India. The program was inaugurated by Mr Bikas Ranjan Battacharya, Honorable Mayor of Kolkata. More..

Protest Action Against The Proposed ITPA Amendment Act In 3 States West Bengal, Bihar and Orissa

DMSC participated in protest rallies against the proposed ITPA amendment bill on 1st July 2008 in 3 major States, West Bengal, Orissa and Bihar. More..

Bhratri Dwitiya - A celebration of brother and sister relationship)

Autumn is a season of festivals in the Bengali life. The festive mood starts with the celebration of Durga puja, followed by Lakshmi Puja and Kali puja. More..