First National Conference Of SHABAR December 29th-30th, 200

The First National Conference of Shabar took place at Amlasole on last 29th and 30th December, 2005, in association with Durbar. This conference was conducted by Birsa Munda Village Development Committee. Shree Gopiballav Singdeo, founder of Kheria Shabar Kalyan Samity, Shree Madan Shabar, founder of First National Conference of Shabar, Jyotindranath Dhibor (President of Lodha Shabar Kalyan Samity), Kailas Munda, Ratan Khanra (General Secretary, West Bengal Dairy Men’s Association), Tapas Chattopadhyay (Social Activist of Jharkhand), Sudhir Mandi (President, Binpur Gram Panchyat No. 2), Ashutosh Mahato (Pashim Midnapore Jila Parishad), Laxmiman Soren (Panchyat Head, Banspahari Gram Panchayat), Dr. Smarajit Jana (Chief Advisor of Durbar), Gouri Das (President, Durbar) and Gouri Roy (Secretary, Durbar) were present in the conference. Besides these representatives of Lodha-Shabar-Kharia tribals of different district of Wet Bengal, Sex Worker and some common people were also present.

In the conference, discussion took place on the Socio-Economic Status and development of the life style of the Shabar. Side by side some cultural events took place in conference like Jhumur Dance, Songs, Shabar Dance, Chhou Dance etc. A theatre also took place under the title “Bou Hoyechhi Baji Dhore”. Komol Gandhar also performed in that conference.
A chart of Demands was also framed in that conference to produce it to the Government. The demands are listed below:

The list of Demands decided in Shabar Sanmenlan December 30, 2005
  • Government has to distribute patta of Land to homeless Shabar and to identify Rayat Land. Where land is not available, the government has to distribute agricultural land by purchasing. Barren lands are to be converted into agricultural land.

  • Rights of Shabar in gathering & selling of forest based material to be ensured.

  • Government has to develop home and rehabilitation for the home less Shabar.

  • Applying modern techniques and through the process of loan, cottage industries have to be developed and its distribution to be ensured

  • Social Audit, a non-government supervision process to be incorporated to ensure minimum hundred (100) days work in a year and the team should be formed with representatives from Shabar and other voluntary organisations.

  • Permanent sewerage system, arrangement of drinking waters and water for the irrigation to be ensured.

  • Start of residential school for Shabar children in the Shabar populated block.

  • Start the development cell for Shabar at district and sub-division level. Special cell for Lodha & Shabar to be restarted.

  • Implementation of observation, monitoring and evaluation process to ensure government facilities by developing Lodha Shabar Block Committee in each and every block.

  • Lodha, Kherial and Sharbar are to be considered as Caste.

  • Government has to invite Shabars to be member in the Forest Researvation Committee

  • Government has to ensure to make it mandatory to introduce member representative elected by Shabar in Village Development Committee, Village Panchayat, Panchyat Samiti, Zilla Parishad (District Council) and Mangal Committee.

  • Anganwari Centres are to be mandatory in each and every Shabar village. To start well organised children development programme.

  • Government has to ensure so that Shabars get the facilities of all government projects as B.P.L., Annapurna, Rights to information etc.