History and development of Durbar Sports

Durbar is likely to be the first national organization who started ‘Football Coaching Camp’ for the children of sex workers in the year 2011 which is now being held regularly. Presently there is one training camp at Baruipur. Initially, training program was meant only for the children of sex workers but slowly children from mainstream society started showing interest to join in those coaching sessions.

This incident provoked leadership of Amra Padatik and Durbar to take a decision to open up training facilities for all other community members with special focus to marginalized communities. This strategy proved to be very effective in addressing social and psychological barriers between children of mainstream and marginalized communities.

Encouraged by the developments of the coaching camp Durbar took a decision to run a football league in the year 2011. Each football team is constituted from among the children of sex workers living in various red-light districts. Gradually all these football team decided to accommodate children of other marginalized communities too. At present the composition of each team is a mixed one. Roughly half of the participants are from sex workers community and the other half represents various marginalized communities. Amra Padatik took the major

responsibility to run various sporting activities including the football league. At present 16 football teams representing various red right districts of the West Bengal participate in the tournament. Amra Padatik has also built up their U-14 and U-16 football team. Both the teams took part in various tournaments including the IFA (Indian Football Association) run Nursery League. This has helped children of marginalized communities to get exposure to mainstream sports events and activities.

Based on the success of various skill development programs and children’s keen interest in sports, Durbar created a sports complex and training institute named as Durbar Sports Academy (DSA) which is based at Baruipur, adjacent to the hostel and is operating since 2014.

The pursuit


  1. Creation of a new football ground and training complexes at Baruipur

  2. Since 2015 we have been running residential football coaching camp for children who lives far away from the centre.

  3. Mobilized not just children of sex workers but other underprivileged children representing families of daily wage earners, of domestic workers, rickshaw pullers and also from the representatives of indigenous communities who are inspired to get engaged in sports activities

  4. Developed Nationwide network with sports loving individuals, sports organizations, institutions including media houses operating in the country

  5. We bought a third division Football team by 2014 within the ambit of Durbar to provide opportunities to those who has crossed the age of 18, to play in the IFA run football League

  6. We have expanded football coaching camps in three other areas outside Kolkata namely West Midnapore (for the indigenous communities), Kalna (for children of sex workers) and Sheoraphuli (for children of sex workers and slum dwellers); in addition to that two other coaching camps are in operation in city of Kolkata since last three years.

  7. Participation in International Football Tournaments.

  8. Participation in age-group I-League Football Tournaments organized by All India Football Federation (AIFF)

Ongoing sports development Activities
  • Build up a state of the art Sports complex at Baruipur.

  • Durbar has planned to build a ‘Sports Complex’ which in addition to Football ground, there would be volleyball and basketball court and a cricket coaching centre.

  • Durbar Sports Academy presently accommodate 25 kids representing marginalized communities who are staying in the hostel and continue with their studies and sports simultaneously (since 2016)

  • Planning for a full-scale residential Academy

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At present we have a total number of 105 trainees who have been receiving football coaching in our Academy. The breakup of which is as follows –

  • Under 13 – 40 kids

  • Under 15 – 35 kids

  • Above 18 – 30 boys

Major Achievements of Durbar Sports Academy
  • Durbar has U-14 and U-16 football teams have been taking part in various tournaments since 2009. The teams have succeeded in winning a number of trophies each and every year

  • Since 2011 – 2012, the U-12 team of Durbar is affiliated with the Indian Football Association and has taken part Nursery Football League tournament in successive years. The team has proved its credentials through winning champions trophy in the first year of joining. In the next year i.e. 2013-14 we became zonal champion.

  • In between 2010 – 2014, four trainees of the Academy represented West Bengal provincial U-14 Team who became national champion.

  • In 2013, in the Slum Soccer World Cup, held at Poland, two of the team members were from our Academy and both of them were adjudged as the top scorers (1st and 2nd).

  • Durbar is taking part in the Third Division Kolkata Football League since 2014. We secured 4th and 3rd position in 2014 and 2015 respectively and in 2016 became champions.

  • One of the trainees of Durbar Football Academy took advanced level training in the world famous football club Manchester United, UK, during April 2014

  • In the last four years, five trainees have been selected for state team to participate in National Championships.

  • A multi gym has been set up at Baruipur campus in 2016.

  • Durbar Sports Academy has got the AIFF accreditation and will be taking part in both the U-13 and U-15 I League in 2018.

Durbar’s Participation in major tournament
  • Took part in Yamaha cup and became 1st Runners up.

  • In 2014, in the Slum Soccer National Championship held at Nagpur, Durbar became the Champion.